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passive solar HOME design

Designing a building carefully can save up to 50% of its operating energy costs. Since my 1983 course at UWA I have constructed several passive solar homes and am passionate about their ability to assisting in the sustainability of this planet for future generations as well as contribute to your bottom line. To learn more about Passive Solar House Design click here. There is also a comprehensive workshop on Passive Solar Design in the workshops above.

AS/NZS14001 certification

This is the top international environmental standard against which it is currently possible to be certified by an external certification authority. Having AS/NZS14001 certification can be helpful to your green credentials as well helping provide a sustainable environment for our planet and future generations. Be a great corporate citizen and start on certification today !


the triple bottom line approach

The triple bottom approach means taking into account ecological and social performance rather than just financial performance. This concept demands that a company's responsibility lies with stakeholders rather than shareholders. In this case, "stakeholders" refers to anyone who is influenced, either directly or indirectly, by the actions of the firm. You can consider people and your planet, not just profit !

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