i can show you what is using the most energy !

With the escalating cost of energy continueing to climb many of us have little idea what is using the most energy in our homes or business. Let me conduct a survey of your place and give you an idea of where all you $ are going then recommned how to save. Better still I can install CurrentCost monitoring equipment for you and you will be able to measure exactly what is using what. I can even help you implement an Energy Savings Plan.

installing grid connect solar power

I do not sell solar installations! But as an engineer with knowledge & experience in grid connect solar systems I can give you very useful advice to save $ and ensure your solar installation is expandable and able to be monitored for performance. The picture left is my own domestic grid connect system.

off grid solar systems

Don't want to become a cheap power generator for Synergy when your Feed-in-Tariff finishes? Well go off grid. With the use of storage batteries and pure sine wave inverters I have converted the whole of my office as one big Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). This has the added advantage of allowing me to continue to work if there is a Synergy blackout