passive solar building design

Designing a domestic or commercial building carefully can save up to 50% of its annual operating energy costs.

After my course at UWA in the nineteen eighties I constructed my first passive solar design home (shown left). Click on the picture for details.

Since that time I have built several homes and am passionate about their ability to assisting in the sustainability of this planet for future generations as well as contribute to your own bottom line. Get in touch with me for advice or why not try the $4.99 workshop on Passive Solar House Design available from the front page of this web site.

domestic dwellings

Pasive solar house

I can get involved with you at the conceptual stage of your house design and teach you the engineering principles of Passive Solar Design. This will help you to work with your builder or choose the best design from a plan. Alternatively if you are purchasing an existing home you may wish to look for an existing building, but choose the one with the best Passive Solar features or easily retrofitted.

commercial buildings

Even commercial buildings, particularly those of large size, can benefit from Passive Solar Design. With increasing energy costs commercial owners can save thousands of dollars on heating or cooling !

I am also well placed to advise you on how to measure where you are using your energy and replacing your lighting with low operating costs alternatives.